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Dec 6, 2013 12:00am PST
the law that english is the national language. >> why not? progressive left wing european countries have it. >> english is the dominant language -- if i go to mexico i don't expect them to speak english. >> every vacation i go on i expect evening lish. >> but in all sire yousness, buck, when the shaggin wagon goes it is the language of love. >> i think it works both ways. you can't expect to go to another culture and have them adapt to you. we are supposed to expect we have to adapt to other cultures. >> i i go like this, what are all of these foreigners doing here? and then i tie my ascot. >> what happened to you? i want to go back to you and your italians briefly. can you be racist if you are -- >> yes. >> you know where i am going. if it is your own kind? >> yeah, you can, but it is not racism. >> it is self-hating. >> it is a self-hating bastard. >> weren't we all like that? >> we all have that. >> it was part of coming to the united states. we are saying we want to let go of the stuff we don't -- we want to let go of the stuff we are escaping. >> the idea is you came someplace
FOX News
Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
state law called the merry christmas law which predicts traditional holiday greetings. the school's principal said it's a decision to avoid offending any families. stephen, i bet you applaud this kind of activity. >> not really. you got my boy over there in texas that's going the other way with this. i liked when he was jogging with his dog and shot the coyote. go to extreme measures to turn this around. >> you're saying shoot the principal? >> i never said anything of the sort. >> you were thinking it. >> there needs to be some type of revolution. >> violent, nonviolent? >> say nonviolent. please say nonviolent. nonviolent. >> he did. i heard him. >> is the easy solution to deck the halls in purple so everybody is happen? >> these people are idio. i don't use words like this often. >> watch the language. >> there's nothing christian about santa, spruce true, the colors green or red. maybe red. nothing about christmas these days is such a secular religion to people. it's not. there's nothing about the birth of jesus at this holiday party and any kid that's telling his friend about t
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Dec 5, 2013 12:00am PST
-- waiting for me to ask. i won't because i want to obey the law. >> can i marry one? >> in my perfect world only if the chimp is of age and able to consent. >> that's the problem. chimpanzees cannot be seen as having adult or human rights because they can't consent. >> if you were marrying a chimp or -- not a labradoodle. if you want a pre-nup could the chimp negotiate that? >> that's why i would want to marry them. i hold all of the bananas. >> i don't want to bring up the bible, but humans have dominion over the animals. >> we have a more legalitarian model for marriage now. >> i want to marry two chimps because i like being fought over by wild animals. first monkeys and what's next? >> the whole grammar got me speeding. i have moved on. i am okay with it. >> have you to be kidding me -- you have to be kidding me. i used to respect you. >> this is not a pronoun. this is an emotional being that is being torture etd. tortured. i think you have to go deeper on some of their -- how you take care of them and we have to look into that. >> i don't like circuses. >> you can't glorif
FOX News
Dec 7, 2013 12:00am PST
distrust, slasher films. slasher films, law and order. in every law and order episode it is never the criminal that commits the crime, it is the nice person. it is the friendly mechanic. it is the fatherly teacher. he is the killer. slasher films, it is like everybody gets knocked off at once. we are inundated by a lot of crime that never happens. i thought you didn't like this topic. >> it hit me where it comes from. trust starts as a little kid. what if your mom is taking you to see your dad you haven't seen in two weeks. she puts you on the bus and -- hey i get to go see dad. takes her to new york. and then here comes dad and then here comes the detectives and they arrest dad. mom uses the kids to set up dad. that's where the trust all falls -- thanks, mom. thanks, mom and dad. you were using me as a pawn during your divorce. that's the trust problem. >> in the poll 84% of the people say that is the reason they don't trust people. >> they saw their father getting arrested. >> but the mother set him up. >> have i to go. i have to go. hitchhiking. i wonder if that was true. was hitch
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Dec 10, 2013 12:00am PST
the problem. why doesn't he start twerk nie g on something. >>> the baker is a law breaker. a colorado judge ruled the owner of a balk recannot refuse to make a gay wedding cake or gake. he says no problems serving gay people but opposes gay marriage on religious grounds. he says putting a message on the cake constitutes speech and the law should not force him to convey a message he did not agree with. a judge said refusing to provide services for a gay wedding is discrimination. his lawyer said the ruling is downright unamerican. >> a government that can force you to speak a message or express something that violates your beliefs is a government that can make you do anything. i think that's a government we should all fear. >> for more let's go to "red eye" chief correspondent. >> no need for the sunglasses. that isy go ties stick cal for that snauzer. is this another example? bakers being forced to make cakes ? >> it means the baker cannot have his cake and eat it too and that this really takes the cake. >> word play, word play, word play. >> you are just saying anything with
FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 12:00am PST
. >> girl are more expensive because women be shopping. i believe this is a law and order thing. parents with daughters are more protective in a way they aren't with sons and they are more conservative on law and order issues. that to me would be the only reason i can think of this being accurate. the uk studies show parents of daughters were more likely to vote for labor or the democrat parties. >> the fathers are more conservative and the daughters rebel against all of that. >> the study shows the parents of daughters. >> england doesn't count. >> the congressional study. >> that doesn't count either. i will tell you why. >> they are americans? >> it is a study of lawmakers. the lawmakers were more likely to vote liberal, but it does president matter because they are -- it doesn't matter because they are lawmakers and they are not real people. your other point that women vote democratic, that supports my argument. yes, young women do vote democratic. but that's the same reason. >> women continue to vote democratic. >> it is not really -- the democratic party loves making it about women
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)